As is known to all that frame material is an important factor that should been taken into the consideration for the assessment of a pair of prescription glasses. Up till now, a lot of materials are becoming available for the production of prescription eyeglass frames, such as plastic, metal titanium and so on.

Plastic frames are strong, impact resistant, and completely hypo-allergenic. Since the proverb goes” each coin has two sides”, the plastic frames are also being accused of certain disadvantages such as aging, strength decrease, color fading and so forth. Compared with plastic frames, prescription glasses

frames which are made from metal or alloys are usually heavier than those composed of plastics. Among the metal category, titanium is the most popular material and statistics show that this kind of material are favored by more and more people who like to wear metal glasses. Compared to other materials, titanium are much lighter in weight and can really bring wearers a lot of comfort except for the advantage of durability, strength and corrosion resistance.

Now with the development of eyeglasses technology, a new kind of frame material has been used to make prescription glasses— Memory frames which are also called bendable frames or flexible frames are made of a flexible composite alloy. They are unbreakable and can return to their previous shapes even after being bent. This feature makes it possible to superior to many traditional eyeglasses frames which are more easily deformed if are not taken carefully enough. On the contrary, you will not need to pay special attention for this kind of prescription glasses to avoid damaging if it is not put in the glasses case.

These memory frames are made of unique materials and are the perfect eyeglasses frames for both kids and adults. If you want to lead an active lifestyle, bendable eyeglasses may be the best choice for you.

The remarkable qualities for memory prescription glasses are achieved by using different composite materials and metal alloys. Some might be the common materials used fro making frames such as titanium alloy while others are different according to the different manufactures.

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